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About Me

Hi, I am Ivett Nunez and I am an aspiring professional organizer. I have worked in a medical office to a supermarket to retail stores to banks to a property management company. All very distinct and separate industries that have created an accumulation of unique knowledge and insight. Simultaneously, in my personal life, I have transitioned from a student to an employee, to a mother, to home owner and now an aspiring entrepreneur. My professional & personal experiences have reinforced my passion for my belief that organization is key for success in everything you do. 

Why You Should Join Me

Join us so that you can learn and grow with us. Organizing does just apply to your closet, it touches every part of your life. With our community you will learn about organizing your home, your business, your money and so much more. Be a part of a community where you can receive direct and thoughtful information. 

A Big Thanks

Thank you for your continued support. This will help me accomplish an ultimate goal of creating a business.